Engine management and other dash warning lights

engine-warning-lightsEngine Management light, SRS light, ABS/Airbag light, ESP light, Tyre Pressure Monitoring light, Brake Pad Warning light etc. Check out your vehicle hand book and it will read ‘take your car immediately to a main dealer’ it probably should also say ‘do not pass go or collect £200!’ Don’t worry we can help, we have many different diagnostic computer tools and we can read your vehicles ECU, this is the cars computer memory similar to the ‘black box’ in an aeroplane or a computer hard drive, and in the majority of cases it will have a fault logged.

Once read it may produce an exact answer e.g. Replace the nearside rear wheel speed sensor or may give a reading of improbable signal, this will mean we know where to continue to search for possible broken wiring. - See our diagnostic frequently asked questions

Having this equipment means we can fix your car quicker and save you money. Codes should also always be cleared at the end of job, this prevents old codes misdirecting future code reads.


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