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Air-conditioning and climate control are commonplace in the majority of new cars; once added extras at the luxury end of the market, they are now standard on many everyday models.

Such systems need servicing periodically, with manufacturers typically recommending checks every two-three years. If you’re unsure when yours is due, why not call us to find out?

At Carmaster, we offer two services to suit your needs with R134a gas and just one service with R1234yf, the new environmental low impact gas…

The Air-conditioning Service includes vacuuming out the system to remove all the old gas, oil and moisture, and pressure-testing for leaks. We then add the correct amount of gas specific to your vehicle, and the oil. Most garages stop here, but we like to go the extra mile so we add UV dye, too. This allows us to see where any potential gas leaks might occur, saving time and money on future repairs.

We charge £80 + VAT for the Air-conditioning Service for R134 gas . For the new R1234yf gas £145.83 + VAT plus add 25 pence + VAT per gram of gas over 500.

We also offer an Air-conditioning Re-gas, which fills the system with the correct volume of gas. The cost for this is £60 + VAT.   We are currently not offering this service for the R1234yf gas due to the high cost of the gas.

Any additional work that might be necessary, such as pollen-filter replacement or anti-bacterial treatments will be charged separately.

If you’re interested in knowing how much gas your car’s system takes, feel free to give us a call. We’re also happy to diagnose any problems or faults you might encounter with your air-conditioning or climate control systems.

Air-conditioning and climate control work best when used regularly, so we recommend minimum operation of once a week for at least 30 minutes. This moves the oil around and keeps the pipes, seals and compressor lubricated, which helps maintain an air-tight system.

Even when fully-functioning and used regularly, the system will still lose gas at a rate of around 10% per year. As levels drop it will become inefficient and unable to maintain low temperatures, while some systems safeguard themselves against low gas volume and stop working completely.

We’re proud to have six technicians who hold the F-Gas Certificate, which allows them to work on such systems – meaning you can trust us to carry out servicing and repairs on your air-conditioning or climate control systems with complete confidence.

TIP: Did you know the best way to demist your windows in winter is to use the air-conditioning, as it takes moisture out of the car? It’s not just for summer!



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